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How to use the multi camera during the beta version

Important to know, you must have full screen images on your account to find the multicamera later, if you have never put any, just log into your account and drop images in the full screen image section.

1) With the smartphone 1, Choose "live broadcast", choose the platform where you want to broadcast and set up the scoreboard

2) Click on "Go !" to start the live

3) With smartphone 2 (which is connected to the same account as the smartphone 1), go to your profile and choose "Multicamera (beta)"

4) Choose the live for which you want to use the multicamera and click on "Add a camera"

5) Click on the red button to activate the camera

Important : The choice of the angle of view is made with the smartphone 1 :

6) With smartphone 1, click on the full screen images icon, now the camera appears in the overlays, and you can switch from one angle to another

Updated on: 08/08/2021

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