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How To Re-Authorize Your Facebook Permissions

If your Facebook Page or Group is experiencing errors, you may need to re-authorize access with Swish Live. This is a standard procedure and easy with our simple guide below :

Why Do I Need To Re-Authorize Permissions?
You may need to re-authorize your Swishlive permissions if you're experiencing any of the following issues:

Swishlivee isn’t displaying your Facebook Group or Page when trying to connect a Profile
Swishlive isn't displaying your Instagram Profile when trying to connect a Profile
Swishlive isn't displaying your Facebook Page when trying to add it to Inbox
Your Facebook posts are not being published
Your Facebook Page/Group keeps getting disconnected
Why is the re-authorization required?

You may have inadvertently removed a permission that Swishlive requires while editing other permissions in Facebook
If you recently added a new Page or Group to your Facebook Profile, you may need to re-authorize permissions so that your new Page has the same Swishlive permissions as the Pages that already exist
Facebook sometimes invalidates your permissions token for security reasons (e.g. if you change your Facebook password), so you will have to re-connect Swishlive to get a new permission token
How To Re-Authorize Your Facebook Permissions

On the Facebook website, Navigate to 'Settings & privacy'

Then continue to 'Settings' > ' Business Integrations'

Find the Swishlive App, use the check-box to select it, then click the blue Remove button

Business integration - Swish Live

After clicking 'Remove', you'll see a pop-up asking if you'd also like to “delete all posts, photos, and videos on Facebook that Swishlive may have posted on your behalf." It is very important to leave this unchecked unless you really do want to delete any posts that have been published to Facebook via Swishlive.

Once you've read and understood the pop-up, click 'Remove'

Are you sure you want to remove Swish Live ?

You'll see a final confirmation pop-up stating that Swishlive has been removed. Click 'Done'

Swish removed

Navigate back to the Swishlive app

You'll notice that some of your Facebook Page(s)/Group(s) or Instagram Profiles need to be re-connected.

Choose which Facebook Page(s), Group(s), or Instagram Profiles you want to re-connect

Great job! You successfully re-authorized your Swishlive permissions with Facebook and re-connected your Profiles. You can now re-Queue any failed posts from before and get publishing 🎉

Updated on: 17/06/2022

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