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How to schedule a live on Facebook groups

Here is a quick tuto for those that want to schedule a live on facebook groups or people that for some reason do not have their groups showing up on the Swish Live app.

1/ Create un event where your live will be hosted :


2/ Choose online event



Select Facebook live and create the event


4/ Once the event is created, click on set up live video

5/ get the RMTP KEY and the URL under use stream key section :


6/ Final step send this info to your phone by copy pasting the url and key, choose the RMTP feature in Swish Live app ( Warning not facebook, but the rmtp)


7/ Copy past the url and key you get from facebook, test the url, and you are good to go live on your facebook group in your event ! Do not forget to validate the live on the left side of the facebook page once you sent the live with Swish Live.

Updated on: 21/04/2021

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