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Comment streamer sur un Groupe Facebook

Depuis le 24 Avril Facebook à décidé de retirer la possiblité de diffuser directement sur un groupe Facebook.

Voici comment diffuser en RTMP sur un groupe Facebook :

Swish Live's Facebook integration makes it easy to stream to a Group, Timeline, or Page.

However, there is a unique requirement that makes streaming to a Group slightly different from the others, which is that a Group Admin must add Switcher Studio as an allowable app to the Group. This article walks through the process.

Add Swish live as an App to the Group
Before being able to stream to a Group, an Admin of the Facebook Group must first allow Swish live to make posts in the Group.

Note: You must go through the steps in this section on a Mac or PC computer. It will not working using the Facebook mobile app or using a mobile browser.

Go to on a computer, and navigate to the Group.
On the left side of the screen, you should see Admin Tools. Scroll down and click Settings.

On the next screen, scroll down to Advanced Settings and click the pencil icon next to Apps.

Click Add Apps.
Type "Swish Live" in the search bar on the left.
Click Swish live.
Click Add.

To confirm you have successfully added Switcher Studio as an allowable app:

Click the pencil icon next to Apps.
You should see Switcher Studio in the list for Group Apps.

Once you have added Swish Live as an allowable app, you can set up a stream in Swish Live, following the instructions in Streaming to Facebook with Swish live.

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